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Harmonic Cosplay

Hannah and Joie's Cosplay Blog

Harmonic Cosplay: Hannah and Joie's Cosplay Blog
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A blog for all information regarding the cosplay duo Harmonic Cosplay!

Harmonic Cosplay is a duo cosplay group conceived in 2003. Hannah and Joie attended high school together, and became best friends very quickly. Both girls have some some stage training, voice training, have had dance lessons, love to sew, construct props, and model their creations and makeup techniques! They wanted to mix all of their interests together, and thus Harmonic Cosplay was born!

**Cosplay is the art of recreating costumes from your favorite fandoms-- anything from anime to manga to TV series to broadway shows!**

Click here to learn more about Hannah and Joie

Contact Information:

Hannah hannah (at) harmoniccosplay (dot) com
Joie joie (at) harmoniccosplay (dot) com